Random Thoughts


It’s funny how you go straight to what you know when in an unfamiliar environment. I grew up watching Food Network. Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) was a staple for me.

Tonight I am babysitting for people that I don’t know very well. They heard about my magnificent babysitting skills from my father (he works with one of the parents of the small peep I’m watching). While they are very nice, I’m not entirely comfortable with them or their home yet. They, or course, told me that I could watch whatever I wanted. What I immediately went to was Food Network (that’s where Triple D comes in to play. It’s always on late at night without fail).

With any new family I sit for, I am very wary of the house. Townhouses especially freak me out. One family (who happens to be very close to my family) used to live in a haunted townhouse. I never felt comfortable in that house. Not once. I felt a little better when they got a dog, but not by much. There was always a tint of something malicious lurking around. They ended up moving into navy housing, and the spirit followed. Thankfully she had her pastor come to the house to cleanse it and everything was fine from that point.

Apartments also make nervous. Not because of any bad experiences, but because you can often time hear every movement of the people around you. Every step, every creak, every bump. If there were ever a fire, you’d immediately be screwed because everyone is packed like sardines.

But I’m getting off track. Different things can bring me comfort in uncomfortable situations. I have a very specific necklace (the same one in the image below) that makes me feel like everything will be okay.  It’s a pagan symbol of protection. Though it wasn’t giving to me by my Family By Choice, it does make me feel closer to them. Another piece of jewelry is my Lord of the Rings ring (in black instead of gold).

Last month, in my semester long Theater Arts I class, my necklace got whipped cream allll over it (and on my 50’s style dress that I’m wearing in the image above). While I got the whipped cream off of it, and the other necklace I had been wearing, I haven’t given them a bath yet. However, my ring is always on my finger.

What are some comfort objects that you have?


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